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Fin-eX Accounts Outsourcing – the Choice that makes a Difference!

Outsourcing- The New Approach towards Business Growth

The global competition in the business world is getting more and more challenging especially in the year 2020, where the Covid-19 pandemic has created health and economic disasters. In these hard times, many companies had to downsize and cut down their workforce to reduce expenses. Some companies had to shift locations and sadly, some had to shut down.

But what if there is a better way to achieve growth with the minimum operational cost?

Outsourcing non-core functions are the only solution to this problem. This is the way to get back in the global game with a stealthy and innovative approach. The companies are desperately looking for skilled professionals to whom they can outsource their work. This way they can save a big cut from payrolls and location charges and spend it on achieving bigger goals.

In a nutshell, it is safe to say that with outsourcing, you get a more diverse and skilled professional workforce. This makes running the business more agile, more risk-resilient and definitely cost-effective!


Why Outsource to Fin-eX?

Fin-eX is one of the top leading accounts outsourcing company in Pakistan. Fin-eX understands how important it is to focus on successful business strategies especially during these hard circumstances of Covid-19. That’s why we are here!

Fin-eX operates with the sole purpose of providing efficient accounts and business management services to our esteemed clients. Whether it is your year-end accounting, regular bookkeeping, VAT, payroll or corporation tax self-assessment, you name it and Fin-eX is there to provide you trustworthy and meaningful support!

Our motto is effective management within the allocated time frame window.

We pride ourselves on providing maximum satisfaction to our clients. It’s simple- We help you achieve your business goals in the best possible way!

Our clients trust us and this trust is what makes us the top choice in accounts outsourcing!



Fin-eX Vs. Other Outsourcing Companies:

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has negatively impacted businesses of all sorts and sizes, all over the globe. However, in this crucial time, where the companies most needed services to support, Fin-eX came on top and ensured business survival with its efficient performance!

The client ratio for Fin-eX from UK and Canada has drastically increased as more and more people now trust Fin-eX in handling their accounts and services. Our plan is to grow even more and help our clients in achieving their business targets without the hassle of handling strenuous accounting tasks.

So if you are tired of delayed responses in the wake of Covid-19 Pandemic???

Then switch to Fin-eX with our exclusive offer of 10 hours of free service!

The staff at Fin-eX is always welcoming and ready to facilitate the clients’ needs in the best possible way. Fin-eX is definitely one of the best emerging accounts outsourcing company in the sub-continent!

Fin-eX in the Fight Against Covid-19!

Fin-eX is a Pakistan-based outsourcing company and we are fortunate that the government of Pakistan valiantly responded to the threats and dangers of Covid-19. Pakistan has taken strong precautions and measurements for this pandemic. Our government spread the SOPs and basic precautionary measures like jungle fire and efficiently ensured their implementation.

Covid-19 SOPs for Fin-eX

Fin-eX has left no stone unturned in ensuring the safety of its staff against the novel Coronavirus. We have strictly followed the guidelines provided by the government.

  • Covid-19 precautionary measures to be displayed in all languages at the workplace
  • Social distancing to be practised in the office
  • Use of thermal guns at entrance points for screening purpose
  • Sufficient availability of hand sanitisers and masks all around the workplace
  • Proper disposal of waste articles
  • Use of disinfectants in cleaning floors and public items

These SOPs may seem tiresome and feel like a hassle, but these guidelines are the reason how Fin-ex was able to fight Corona Virus and continue its work without any problems or delays. Even our clients were amazed and highly satisfied with our performance. It’s very important for any businessman to know that the accounts outsourcing team is up and working with their full dedication in an effective way.

Fin-eX Allows Work-from-Home

When the whole world gets shut down with lockdowns, the staff at Fin-eX is wide awake and ready to help! Fin-eX has facilitated its employees with work from home option. We are ready to face any situation in order to meet our clients’ demands. Our target is to provide the best accounts services and we are willing to come up with creative solutions to every problem.

Fin-eX Staff gets Vaccinated against Covid-19

Pakistan has launched a free Covid-19 vaccination drive all over the country. Now employees at Fin-eX are encouraged to get vaccinated and protect themselves and others around them. This vaccine is the beacon of hope in normalizing our routine and going full-throttle on the road towards economic success and prosperity!

Choosing Fin-eX

Fin-eX aspires to form strategic partnerships with businesses that reach out to them, assisting them in increasing profits and overall competitiveness by the most cost-effective means possible. Fin-eX has dedicated teams of experts and professionals who are always available to help their outsourcing partners and provide high-quality service.

Our extraordinary performance in Covid-19 is one of the leading factors why people are willing to trust us and choose Fin-eX!

Reap the benefits of Fin-eX Outsourcing and experience stress-free and organized business!

All you need to do is focus on the expansion of your business and Fin-eX will take care of all the accounts jobs for you.

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