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How It Works

Dedicated Resource Model

At FineX Outsourcing, we understand the value of control and efficiency in managing your outsourced tasks. Our Dedicated Resource Model offers you greater control as you plan and manage the work for each client, while we diligently track and report the status of each outsourced job. The Dedicated Resource Model provides you with the control and flexibility to manage your outsourced tasks while benefiting from our expertise.

Key Benefits:

Exclusive Staff

You get exclusive access to a dedicated team of skilled professionals who work exclusively for your

Fixed Fee

Our transparent pricing structure allows for better
budgeting, making it easier to plan your financial

Better Budgeting

To ensure your off-site staff is utilized most effectively, we recommend that our accounting clients prepare budgets and plan the work before outsourcing


As your workload increases, you have the flexibility to add additional dedicated resources to meet your growing

Block of Hours Model

Our Block of Hours Model offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness. You purchase pre-paid blocks of hours (40, 80, 120) at attractive volume-based discounts. As your tasks are outsourced and hours are utilized, they are deducted from the total number purchased, allowing you to optimize your resources efficiently. The Block of Hours Model gives you the flexibility to use our services as needed, making it an excellent choice for businesses with varying outsourcing requirements.

Key Features


Purchase the block of hours that best suits your needs, and use them as


Enjoy volume-based discounts that help you save on outsourcing

Resource Optimization

You have control over how and when to utilize the hours, ensuring efficient resource allocation.

Partnership Model

Our Partnership Model is designed for businesses seeking comprehensive back-office support. Under this model, we become your dedicated back office for all your operational and processing needs. The Partnership Model transforms us into an extension of your team, allowing you to focus on core activities while we handle the back-office functions seamlessly.

Here’s what you can expect:

Key Highlights

Dedicated Account Manager

You'll have a dedicated account manager who supervises the team to ensure tasks are completed efficiently and in line with your expectations.

Revenue Planning

This model allows for better revenue planning as we charge a percentage of the invoice, which is agreed upon by both parties.

Client Portfolio

Ideal for small start-ups or businesses with a diverse client portfolio, as it provides comprehensive support across various operational aspects.

Budget Planning

Planning is done collaboratively, with the percentage agreed upon, helping you determine what to ultimately charge the client or set a budget based on required man-hours for specific tasks.

What You Get With All The Models

Test Us! We Give 10 Hours of No-Obligation Service!

Why? Because we are confident that once you experience our work, there’s no turning back. At FineX Outsourcing, we’re dedicated to showcasing our capabilities, and that’s why we offer you 10 hours of no-obligation service. We believe that our work speaks for itself.

Proven Track

We have a commendable track record of delivering outstanding results to our clients. We're proud of our past achievements, and we're excited to bring our expertise to your organization

Competitive Advantage

We're confident that given the opportunity, we can help you achieve a competitive advantage in your industry. Our team has what it takes to build a promising future for your business by delivering exceptional service and support.

Across All Pricing Models, You Can Expect:

Our services are designed to scale with your business. Whether you’re a small startup or a growing enterprise, we can adapt to your changing needs.

Stay informed about the progress of your outsourced tasks with regular reports and updates.

You’ll have a dedicated account manager who will serve as your primary point of contact and ensure that your expectations are met.

We provide you with easy access to our team whenever you need assistance or have questions.

We handle the entire process of screening, selecting, recruiting, and training accountants for you. This means you can skip the hassles and costs associated with hiring and training in-house staff.

Our accountants work exclusively for your firm, ensuring consistency, reliability, and complete confidentiality.

At FineX Outsourcing, our mission is to simplify your business operations and enhance your financial management. We’re dedicated to building a strong partnership with your prestigious organization and helping you achieve your goals.

We invite you to take advantage of our 10 hours of no-obligation service and experience the difference firsthand. Contact us today to get started on a journey towards enhanced efficiency and success.

How to Get Started?


Our Team will work with you to set up goals and process and how it will work for your practice


The work will be handed over to our back office. Depending on the work, your Processing will be handled by a team or individual resource.


The team will process the work such as accounting,bookkeeping,tax processing etc and will handover the work back to you or your team


The output will be reviewed by your will be checked for quality and on target timeline feedback and corrective actions will be noted to make the process more efficient for your practice

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What you get with FineX?

Experienced & Quality Staff

What you get with FineX?

Infrastructure & Data Protection

What you get with FineX?

Speed And precision

What you get with FineX?

Increased Profits

What you get with FineX?

Security Protocols followed by FineX

Accounting Services UK

Adherence to UK Data Protection act 1998

Accounting Services UK

Monitored Web Access Firewall Defenses

Accounting Services UK-Biometric System

Biometric System

Accounting Services UK-Secure Client Login

Secure Client Login

Secure Internet Access

Secure Internet Access

Accounting Services UK-Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Teams

Accounting Services UK-24/7 Security at entry points

24/7 Security at entry points

Accounting Services UK-ISO 27001

ISO 27001 Certified

Using the right tools for you

Corporation Tax & Self-Assessment
Corporation Tax & Self-Assessment
Corporation Tax & Self-Assessment
Corporation Tax & Self-Assessment
Corporation Tax & Self-Assessment


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