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Audit and Assurance Outsourcing Services is a very high cost and time-consuming task. With new regulations in place, there is extensive documentation and checklists to be filed to ensure that the process is performed efficiently. With so much documentation the actual objective of the audit process is sometimes of a secondary nature.

 We at Fin-eX understand that if a good margin is to be maintained and to achieve the objectives of an audit, the documentation tasks need to be made more efficient. This is the reason we recommend outsourcing your audit and assurance service to us.

We take the tedious tasks and turn them around in a timely and efficient manner, so you can concentrate on analyzing the data and give a better quality of service.

Choose Us?

Trained staff with previous audit experience (Big 4)

Experienced resources (Ex Audit Managers)

Eliminate chances of errors and missed deadlines

High quality of disclosures

Exposure to different audit software

We Do

Communicating with the audit team on a daily/weekly basis to identify pre-defined tasks

Roll forward audit files on audit software

Migration from paper based to electronic files

Performing casting processes

Updating lead schedules and reconciliation with final accounts

Review of financial statements

Communication with clients and follow up on queries

Analytical reviews

Maintaining proper disclosures

Reporting on errors to auditors and completion of predefined checklists

Documentation of standard walkthrough procedures

Benefits of Outsourcing
your work to Fin-eX

Reduced Employee Retention Risk

If the person in charge of your accounting and bookkeeping were to leave your business, you’d be left trying to fill in the gap. This would likely involve recruiting, hiring, training, and onboarding a new employee—as well as the costs that go along with these activities. What’s more, if you were to rely on just one person, the risk of fraud and theft could be an issue as well.

Opportunity To Grow

The price of putting an unqualified or inexperienced staff member in charge of your operations can be grave—even if you rely heavily on accounting software. If the information put into the software isn’t accurate, you won’t be able to rely on it to make important decisions. Outsourcing your accounting gives you peace of mind knowing that experts are in charge.

Reduced Employee Retention Risk

When you outsource your accounting to a third party, you have access to not just one person, but to a team of professionals. In other words, you have a deep well of expertise to tap into when you need it. With the right firm in place, you can have the skill set of an experienced accountant or a team of accountants at your fingertips. Most if not all of the employees hired by Fin-ex are ACCAs or ACAs with a lot of experience in UK accounting and tax matters. Get a turn key support from us.

You should feel confident you have the most capable person in this role. But the truth is, sometimes this can be hard to know for sure. For instance, you may have outgrown the current capacity of your in-house accounting team without realizing it. Outsourcing is especially beneficial in this case because it gives you the ability to match your financial professionals to the needs you have today—as well as those you may have tomorrow.

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Director - Accountancy Firm Watford, UK

We were turning new clients away due to workload and resource issues. Since outsourcing Accounts Preparation and Bookkeeping to Fin-eX, we are able to focus more on business development. The work approach of the team at Fin-eX which is dedicated to us is excellent

Partner - Accountancy Practice London, UK

We searched for “Outsourced accounting services the UK” and came to their website. We thought a lot before engaging Fin-eX last year. But after the initial transformation period, we have shifted our focus to the core areas of our business. Our growth this year is in double digits.

Owner - Accountancy Franchise UK

We have been growing our business through mergers and acquisition. Fin-eX has been a key part of this. Most of our work excluding Payroll is outsourced to them. They have a dedicated team in place and the communication protocols are followed very efficiently.

Accountancy Firm Central London, UK

The Team at Fin-eX is available 24/7. Even when we have strict deadlines, I am able to count on them. Managers are very responsive and the communication and follow up is excellent.

Director - Bookkeeping and VAT Central London, UK

Due to cost-cutting measures enforced by our head office, we had to find ways to get the work done without losing efficiency. We approached Fin-eX, and initially started with bookkeeping and VAT. Their quality of work was very good, so good that I referred them to my colleagues in other departments. They have started supporting us in accountancy and tax processing as well. So far, we are very satisfied and hats off to their team.

Owner - Boutique Accounting firm Branches in UK & Canada

When we took the free trial – we were a bit sceptical about the whole outsourcing process. There were some initial hic-ups as I am very particular about providing high-quality services to my clients. Their senior managers were in constant communication with me almost 24/7. I was able to streamline the whole process and now am very pleased with their service.